Western Edge Strategic Digital Solutions (WE-SDS)

WE-SDS is the dedicated bespoke software development division of Western Edge Medical Communications (WEMC) Ltd.

WE-SDS’s philosophy is built on our understanding that all companies are different. We work with our clients to build systems that match their unique needs, cultures and work practices.

Our approach is to give ideas in the form of ‘base’ products that address information management and dissemination issues common to many companies.

We then enter into detailed discussions with our clients to tailor these products to their exact needs.

The result is a system that tightly meets the client’s requirements and produces productivity benefits from the moment of installation.

In short:

You pay for the system you want, not the system a software company thinks you want.

You pay for the system you have helped build, not for the redundant functionality that consigns many off-the-shelf packages
to the status of ‘unused icon’ within weeks.

WE-SDS also provides:

  • Full website development capabilities.
  • Comprehensive support packages for all products as standard.
  • Future proofing protection for your investment through on-going consultation and product upgrades.
  • Tailored pricing policies based on the best usage criteria (for example per user, site or company-wide licenses).

WE-SDS understands that your organisation operates in its own unique complex environment. WE-SDS can help to simplify it!